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Our logo displays the most recognizable aspects and symbols of Canadian culture. The maple leaf, our national symbol, coupled with the beaver, our national animal, showcases our pride and heritage. The logo is topped off with an image of poutine, a popular dish invented in Quebec made with french fries and cheese curds (squeakers) covered in gravy. All of these elements come together to show everyone that we are a proud, Canadian company..

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Pipe and Rolling Tobacco

At Poutine Fattened Beaver, (Cigar and Tobacco Express) we offer Canadian design and manufactured glass wear, cigars, tobacco and accessories, that will showcase your love for the Great White North. We are a proud 100% Canadian owned business that promotes items designed for those who want to display being a proud Canadian to everyone around.

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  • Artic Bubbler

    The Artic Bubbler is the ultimate display piece and a symbol of Canadian heritage and pride.

  • Canadian Cigar 263

    If you were not aware that a Cigar is made in Canada, not a surprise. Most people are not. Made from Cudan seed tobacco, grown in Southern Ontario.

  • Tank Glass

    Unlike anything you have ever held. The last Piece you will need. The world's first unbreakable bong. Life time Guarantee.

    Now avaliable in Alberta.